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Founded in 2008 by President Marsha Archer, M-Squared is recognized as a leading agency amongst the media, peer agencies and its clients across the country. Through Archer’s carefully deliberate onboarding of staff, clients are ensured that all ideas and services are curated to reflect every perspective, background and culture. M-Squared produces result oriented campaigns that are fresh and strategic. Our innovative strategies, garner significant publicity in media outlets around the world. M-Squared’s dedicated team is driven by client success and an overall passion for the brands we represent.   

Since 2008, our team has secured more than $500 million in valued traditional and social media coverage. 

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Diverse and Deliberate
M-Squared’s carefully-selected team represent and capture diversity as subject matter experts in the field of public relations, marketing, and digital media. We are a team of self-proclaimed social media junkies, culture vultures and lifestyle lovers obsessed with developing your brand or business.

Marsha Archer


Marsha Archer

Position: President
Email: marsha@msquaredpr.com

A former PR Director for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, The Home Depot and Habitat for Humanity International, Marsha is the quintessential PR guru with tentacles throughout the corporate and hospitality industry and across the southeast. As a certified crisis communications expert, Marsha is considered a primary contact to media outlets across the globe and has finessed the art of utilizing partnerships, relationships, and media to elevate brands in the spaces of hospitality, travel, hotels, and food, beverage, spa and retail. As the leader of M-Squared PR, Marsha has assembled a team of colleagues who specialize in areas that successfully execute client PR campaigns. When she’s not creating wins for her clients, Marsha maintains a high profile with her board involvement with organizations such as Meals On Wheels Atlanta (which she co-chaired at St. Regis Atlanta in 2015 and countless other organizations like Jeffrey Fashion Cares, Castell Project and the Goizueta Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at Emory.

Shonyatta Jackson

Director of Operations
shonyatta jackson

Shonyatta Jackson

Position: Director of Operations
Email: shonyatta@msquaredpr.com

Shon is a Mother of two—a son in the Navy and a high school daughter who will follow in her big brother’s foot-steps after her May 2023 graduation. Shon has lived in Atlanta before, knows the city well. Amongst her favorite things to do when she’s not working, Shon enjoys painting, cooking, bowling, skating, movies, shooting pool, and rafting. At work, Shon is known to be the cool, calm and collected one who always sees the light at the end of the tunnel. She’s a people person and a huge fan of making the colleagues she works with, feel like family. In her words: ‘We spend so much time together…we should absolutely enjoy one another’s company!’

Ariyl Onstott

Social Media Specialist

Ariyl Onstott

Position: Social Media Specialist
Email: ariyl@msquaredpr.com

If it’s trending on social media (SM) or you want to be sure your brand remains relevant on the social platforms, Ariyl makes it her job to keep M-Squared PR and its clients relevant across all channels. Known for crafting great copy and ensuring that no opportunity to highlight a brand through SM partnerships with other channels and influencers goes missed, Ariyl makes it her passion to scroll left, right, up and down. Behind the scenes, Ariyl manages all digital relationships and is the primary point of contact for any influencer engagements–from invitation to completion.

Jalisa Nix

Client Relations Coordinator

Jalisa Nix

Position: Client Relations Coordinator
Email: jalisa@msquaredpr.com

Jalisa is the link between all clients and the agency–and/or partners. From solidifying partnerships and working through them to find and execute the win-win, to making sure the booked musician arrives on time, the menu is set and in place and everyone at the bar is aware of the activation’s specialty cocktail, Jalisa is the ensurer of client success. The one to jump in where support is needed, Jalisa is the primary point of contact for any idea the client or agency dreams up and she executes.

Madison Miller

Event & Vendor Relationship Coordinator
Madison Miller

Madison Miller

Position: Event & Vendor Relationship Coordinator
Email: madison.miller@msquaredpr.com

Madison is the person to go to when you’re looking to create those memorable experiences. She loves to collaborate with the team and envision what our clients are looking for when they ask for assistance on an upcoming event. She understands the importance of a reliable network of suppliers, caterers, decorators, and entertainers in ensuring the success of any event. Madison not only identifies top-tier vendors but also maintains open lines of communication, resulting in seamless collaborations that elevate each event to new heights.

Susana Pabon

Jr. Social Media Coordinator
Susana Pabon

Susana Pabon

Position: Jr. Social Media Coordinator
Email: Susana@msquaredpr.com

Originally from Colombia, Susana is bilingual in both English and Spanish. She embraces her Latin heritage, infusing her vibrant energy into every aspect of her work. As a junior social media coordinator, she firmly believes in the power of content storytelling. She loves to unleash her creativity and bilingual skills to create captivating content and reach new audiences. Collaborating closely with Social Media Specialist, Ariyl Onstott, Susana is committed to creating meaningful social media stories for M-Squared PR and its incredible client roster.

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