New Ownership and a New Perspective is Underway at Mountain Express Oil Company

Georgia oil company has new leadership in 35-year-old Turjo Wadud and former bank executive Lamar Frady

ACWORTH, GA – (March 22, 2020) Southern-based, Mountain Express Oil Company, has a new owner in Turjo Wadud. The serial entrepreneur purchased the company from recently retired executives and founders of the company at the peak of the pandemic in March.

Thirty-five-year-old Wadud, who is entering as the company president and owner, brings with him a passion for the industry that developed when he was just a teenager. Alongside him is Lamar Frady, who consulted with the former owners of the company and was tapped by Wadud to serve as CEO.

It was Wadud’s summer job working as a gas station manager that solidified Wadud’s desire to one day work with an oil company. He credits this experience working day in and day out with customers, the community and distributors as one of the most pivotal experiences in his life.

“It may not be something most people think about on a day-to-day basis, but there’s no denying that the oil industry is one of the most important powers in the world and is exciting to represent the industry in Atlanta,” says Wadud.

Frady, a former consultant to Mountain Express Oil Company, joins the company to apply his entrepreneurial spirit and banking background, which includes being one of the youngest to ever fund and launch a bank—back in the 1980’s.

In his role as CEO and owner in the company, Frady embraces the exciting challenges and opportunities of the oil and gas industry. He is responsible for guiding the company through the rapidly-changing marketplace by ensuring the right infrastructure, financial capital, and human resources are in place for growth with the ultimate goal of achieving a billion gallons of gas by 2025.

Currently, Mountain Express Oil Company Oil owns and/or controls more than 200 gas stations across the United States, with a goal to expand that number to 300 stations by the end of 2021. It is this vision that motivates the Mountain Express Oil Company team to go the extra mile, creating mutually beneficial relationships with each gas station owner they represent. Company was originally founded in 2000 and has always been based in Acworth, GA.


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