Sipping Success: Cocktail Classes at The Westin Nola

As their agency of record for several years, M2PR worked closely with the Westin New Orleans team to elevate their bar and create a tradition that appeals to locals and tourists alike: cocktail classes.  

Leveraging the talents of award-winning lead bartender, Oliver Sovol, M2PR was able to create a knowledgeable and fun opportunity for those looking to level up their mixology skills. After the first few sold-out classes, it was clear that locals were craving Oliver’s expertise on spirits, sustainability and creativity.  


The class’s reputation quickly spread through word of mouth, social media, and positive reviews, bringing in both locals and tourists looking for a way to level up their cocktail-making skills. This offering not only provided a fun way for guests to engage with the client’s brand but also increased brand awareness and overall revenue. 

With its continued success, the cocktail classes have evolved into monthly offerings with private class options as well. 

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